Code Showroom


Apartment – Zalai út

This home in Budapest is dominated by white walls, between which design furniture prevails even more. In the summer, the large sliding door fully blends the exterior and interior, making the B&B Italia-furnished terrace an extra living room. On the lower level there is a

Apartment – Andrássy út

Our clients have complete confidence in us and entrust us with the complete design of their future home - from the first moment of design to the last phase of construction. This Budapest apartment is designed with minimalist foundations, but with many exciting details, such

Apartment – Bimbó út

The living room, kitchen, and dining room, as well as the terrace, merge into a single large square in this Buda apartment, in which the private sphere is strictly separated from the central square, which is also excellent for hospitality. Our team took an active

Apartment – Aulich utca

Metropolitan elegance, sophisticated details, and a prominent appearance of contemporary art characterise this stylish and eclectic downtown apartment. The Art Nouveau details are in stark contrast to the minimalist furniture with clean lines, and the harmony of colours is broken by bright shades. In the

House – Normafa út

In this tasteful home reminiscent of the 1950s, we contributed to the creation of a modern midcentury atmosphere with various pieces of furniture and accessories – based on the plans of architect-interior designer Kata Vonnák. The space is dominated by white and wooden surfaces, perfectly

Apartment – Őzgida utca

A calm, homely, and warm apartment with a diverse selection of furniture contributing to the creation of a harmonious overall picture. A clear overall picture of the grand, contiguous, solid color surfaces - in the bedroom different shades of gray, in the dining room wood

Villa – Normafa

This​ ​400m² family villa was designed according to the plans of the interior designer Kata Vonnák. Code Showroom mainly participated in the selection of the furniture plan. At the request of the owner, the classically elegant, refined interior is dominated by shades of beige and

Villa – Németvölgy

Built in 1940, this historic villa was designed by the owners to create an exciting, contemporary contrast with modern interior design elements, impulsive colours, and contemporary design pieces. The double-ceilinged central space and the dining room are dominated by Knoll’s yellow Saarinen chairs and yellow

House – Pálvölgy

This 300m² Budapest villa was designed and re-furnished by our team. Specialists of Code Showroom, Júlia Hankó and Miklós Kovacsics, considered the modern lines and large window surfaces of the building and chose characteristic pieces for furnishing, breaking the predominantly minimalist line of the furniture

Apartment – Gellérthegy

In this newly built condominium with an area of ​​almost 300m², our team was responsible for the complete interior design. In line with the owner’s wishes, the interior was tuned to a predominantly dark tone in which various surfaces, such as the Winter Creations leather-covered