Code Showroom

House – Pálvölgy

This 300m² Budapest villa was designed and re-furnished by our team. Specialists of Code Showroom, Júlia Hankó and Miklós Kovacsics, considered the modern lines and large window surfaces of the building and chose characteristic pieces for furnishing, breaking the predominantly minimalist line of the furniture with bright colours and spectacular decorative elements. The living room houses a Porro Load-It wall storage system, Minotti furniture, and Wall & Deco wallpaper, while the dining room features Knoll Saarinen chairs, a Minotti Archipenko sideboard, and Catellani & Smith’s spectacular golden chandelier which unleashes minimalist lines. Similarly to the blue Denny bench, Porro’s yellow desk is a fresh highlight in the house.


Kovacsics Miklós, Hankó Júlia


Barbay Csaba