Code Showroom


Miklós Kovacsics

After joining Code Showroom as a designer-salesman in 2013, Miklós has learned to work as a store manager, while building up our independent design team. Since the autumn of 2019, he has been exclusively involved in design and the management of design work - his

Gergely Dér

Gergő walked into Code Showroom six years ago, with a folder in his hand, containing his portfolio, looking for professional practice - and has become an important coworker in the team ever since. At first, he has helped the designers as an intern working in

Júlia Hankó

Júlia joined Code as an intern in 2012, and since then they have been performing sales and showroom management tasks alongside with Gergely Dér. Over the years, she has successfully built her customer base to whom she pays outstanding attention. With her empathy, she easily

Dóra Anna Farkas

Dóra completed her university studies abroad in the field of furniture and fashion trade, then she has became a project manager. During the fall of 2020, she joined  Code Showroom team, where she is primarily involved in the management of foreign trade projects, but also

Kinga Oláh

As a project manager, Kinga’s primary task is to monitor and manage the work processes of residential and office projects from the first phase of planning to the last step of construction, constantly keeping in mind the needs of every costumer. She considers the most

Szilvia Jablonszky

As an interior designer, Szilvia has cooperated in several projects of different styles and scales since joining Code Showroom during the spring of 2020. Currently, her task is mainly design, concept and furniture design. She considers the most interesting part of her work that she

Laura Hopp

During the spring of 2019, Laura has began working part-time as a college student in Code Showroom - and after graduating, it was not a matter of question for her to stay here. Initially, she was mainly involved in interior design and furniture design, and

Vanda Dóra Karácsonyi

“I like it if a client is experimental and does not dismiss bolder materials and surfaces,” says Vanda, who, as an interior designer currently completes most of the tasks related to floor plans and technical design documentation, but occasionally participates in the development of the